Garages and garage door safety is a high priority for most homeowners whose house features a garage space. Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors understands that safety and security is key and that’s why we’re here to help you with 4 easy tips on improving the security of your garage. After all, the garage door is not only where you store your cars, trucks, vans, boats, or other vehicles, but it oftentimes is where your expensive outdoor recreation equipment is stored or where your personal belongings are kept. It is also the main access and entry point into your home, so ensuring the safety and security of this space is the easiest way to feel secure in your home and help combat the potential threat of theft. 

1. Monitor Activity with a Smart Garage Door Opener App 

The Smartphone Control Kit App from Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, keeps your home and your family safe from intruders, theft and potential damage. Our smartphone Garage Door Control works with specially designed and integrated Smart Hub technology, allowing you to control and monitor your garage door from work, the grocery store or even whilst on holiday. By ensuring your security remotely with our app, additional security and safety for your garage are achieved, alongside your peace of mind. With automatic opening and closing that is controllable from anywhere in the world, the possibility of the ‘did I leave my garage door open?’ panic, is turned to dust.  

2. Install Motion Detector Floodlights to Deter Thieves 

Installing motion detector floodlights onto your garage walls, garage doors or entranceways, deters potential thieves from approaching your house at night. Even if you are on holiday, and even without the installation of security cameras for extra security, motion detector lights will announce any visitor, whether invited or intruding; limiting the probability of your home and your assets as potential targets.  

3. Install Security Cameras

Much like motion detecting floodlights, even the appearance of security cameras attached to the exterior (and interior) of your home, deters those looking to intrude on your property. In the event of theft, intrusion or any threat to you and your home’s security, your newly installed security cameras will catch the assailants with video footage, so as to easily identify them or pass the information along to the police.  

4. Always Carry your Garage Door Opener into the House  

With a traditional garage door opener such as a remote control, as opposed to a tech-based controller such as our smartphone app, it is imperative to remember to bring your physical controller inside with you, when you arrive back home. This will reduce the potential of losing your control and putting your garage’s security at risk.  

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