Sectional garage doors, also knows as or referred to as panel doors, are usually made up of five separate segments, hinged together. These panels can span the full width of your garage entrance, which enhances the aesthetic of your home. Your home will instantly increase in kerb appeal when you call Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors for your new or replacement garage door. We have listed below four of the main perks of sectional garage doors

1. Remove the Risk of Damage  

The panels of your sectional garage door are guided upwards along tracks when opened automatically. They then round a corner and rest parallel to the garage ceiling. This distinctly unique process of sectional doors means that the door doesn’t swing outwards or inwards like a tilt door would, so it remains fully operational, even with a car parked immediately in front of the garage or within the garage. There’s simply less stress about potential damage to your car or to your garage door when you choose sectional doors! 

2. Save Money & Time with a Sustainable Option 

If your doors become damaged, due to weather or vehicular accidents for example, the choice of sectional garage doors will save you money and time, making them the most sustainable option in garage doors that last. Our sectional garage doors are comprised of five individual panels as opposed to the single slab of heavy material that many traditional garage doors are made from. This means that if one section or one panel of the door becomes damaged, then only that single panel may potentially be replaced or individually repaired. This obviously creates a huge saving in costs, as opposed to repairing your entire garage door, or replacing it with a new one.

3. Superior Performance & Elemental Protection 

The B&D Panelift Sectional Garage Door remains our most popular sectional door, as it has raised the standard for strong, safe and reliable garage door operation with which you can feel safe. Sectional doors are the perfect choice for garages with limited headroom, high clearance vehicles (such as 4WDs,) and short driveways. The Panelift Icon is also made from corrosion-resistant, stainless steel cables that enhance the durability and performance of your investment. Providing superior protection from the elements, this model features a 360º Weatherseal, preventing insects and dust from entering your garage.

4. Anti-Theft Auto-Lock Device 

The doorway of your garage is oftentimes the largest doorway throughout your entire home; so in essence, your garage door deserves the ultimate security within your home, as it plays a vital role in the protection of your assets. An indispensable feature of the B&D Panelift Icon door is the popular Auto-Lock feature, which is triggered remotely. The Auto-Lock more than doubles the force required at the lock point, preventing thieves from forcing the door upwards, in order to access your garage. The Auto-Lock even comes with its own 12-month warranty, so you can be assured we are confident in the quality and longevity of our product. 

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