It is important to prioritise your garage door repairs, in order to ensure the safety and security of your home and your assets. If you notice one of the following signs on your garage door or its operation, feel free to contact us immediately and we’ll schedule a service that prioritises your safety and security. The garage is the largest entry point to any home and it almost always contains expensive items such as sporting equipment, bicycles, vehicles, electronics and personal items. The sooner a garage door is repaired, the better the performance and consistency of your garage door and the longer it will last. 

We offer premium, reliable and efficient services in garage door maintenance and repair, garage door motor repairs, garage door opener installation, garage door servicing, garage gate repair, garage roller door installation, garage roller door repair, gate door repair and home garage door repair and make it our mission to help all of our clients in a way that ensures their safety and security.  

1. Your Door is Completely Stuck & Won’t Open or Close 

The most obvious and perhaps alarming sign that your garage door requires a fast repair or maintenance with Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, is if your garage door is completely stuck and will not open or close upon request of your remote control, mobile app or manual keypad input. This may restrict your day-to-day needs as well as your safety and security and if your electronics are stuck or faulty, we can repair or replace them ASAP to get you back on track.  

2. The Door Keeps Opening and Closing After You Push the Button  

If your garage door does not stay closed or open, or it keeps opening and closing after your push the button on the remote control device, this is another clear sign that something may be wrong with the transmission between technologies, the track or the inner electronics. If this happens, you most likely will require our help and servicing and whether this means a replacement remote control or a full replacement of the garage door, we are here to help you in line with your budget and aesthetic needs.   

3. Noticeable Damage to the Panels  

The third sign that you may need an automatic garage door repair or replacement, if if you find noticeable damage to your garage door panels. This may be a consequence of a vehicle collision or a weather incident, such as a tropical storm (not unheard of in Queensland). We can easily schedule a service to repair your damage, with our efficient garage door dent repair, re-painting or panel replacements.  

4. The Springs are Visibly Broken 

Lastly, if the spring on your garage door is visibly broken, this is a clear sign that you may need repair or replacement services by your local and qualified professionals.  

If you see signs that your garage door may need an urgent or emergency garage door repair or replacement, call Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors today.