When you need additional space in your home for hobbies, entertaining, relaxing or any other activity, don’t forget about the boundless potential within the garage. With the appropriate accessories, insulation and equipment, you can transform your garage into anything you can dream of.  

In this article, the team at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors is exploring our favourite, innovative ways of using the garage. 

1. Create a Guest Room 

Is your home just a touch too small for having guests stay overnight? Transforming your unused garage into a guest room is a simple and cost-effective method of extending the liveable space in your home. Add a bit of paint, a ventilation system, some insulation and a bed, and you’ll have 5-star guest accommodation. 

2. Music Studio and Performance Space 

By simply soundproofing the space, you can turn your garage into a practise area, recording studio or performance space. Safely store your instruments out of the weather and have them ready to play at all times. All you’ll need here is adequate insulation, soundproofing foam and a high-quality garage door that cancels noise. 

3. Build Your Own Gym 

If physical fitness is an important part of your lifestyle, you can save time and money by creating your very own gym and fitness room. By installing smart storage and ensuring there’s ample access to electricity, you can create a gym that will be the envy of your friends. Remember to consider insulation so your garage can be used year ‘round. 

4. Workshop for Art and Hobbies 

Are you an avid student of pottery? Maybe you’re interested in tinkering with machinery. No matter what you’re into, you can turn your garage into an ideal space for exploring your talents and passions. If you’re at the level of selling your wares, you can use your garage as the studio space you’ve always dreamed of. Just add the equipment you need, paint the walls and ensure your garage door is secure. 

5. Playroom for Children 

Your garage could be the perfect space to convert into a playroom for the kids, allowing for convenient storage of toys and messy craft supplies. Creating a playroom won’t affect the resale value of your home because the only changes necessary are additional storage, and that’s never a bad thing. 

6. Home Theatre 

Turn your garage into the cinema of your dreams. By installing a projector that plays your favourite movies and TV shows onto a blank wall, you can free up living space within the home. Plus, garages can easily be soundproofed and insulated with the assistance of a high-quality garage door.  

Let Our Team Upgrade Your Garage 

There are a few factors that all of the above ideas need, including safety, security and convenience. When you choose Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors, our team of garage door suppliers will keep your belongings safe and secure. We also offer automation for additional convenience.  

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