Some modern Brisbane houses have living spaces above the garage which limits the space available for the garage door to move. While this may sound like an incredibly frustrating problem to deal with, Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors has more than one solution to choose from. Trust the experts who have decades of experience providing residential and commercial garage doors across Brisbane. If you’re dealing with restricted headroom in your garage and looking for a fix, read on.

Tilt Garage Doors

Tilt garage doors are an obvious choice when working with limited headroom. Typical of many Queenslander-style homes, issues with low-clearance garages and carports may be remedied with tilt doors. These doors are made of a single frame. The mechanics of the door see it extend partially beyond the garage when open and flush against the entry when closed. Like many of our other options, tilt garage doors offer the ability to be automated or used manually. Those concerned with safety will be reassured to know that all our tilt garage doors are manufactured with strong springs and a restraint that contains movement. In addition, zinc-plated fittings make them resistant to corrosion.

B&D Flex a Door

B&D offers a replacement solution for those with safety concerns relating to old tilt garage doors. It has been specifically designed by the leaders in the field to perfectly suit garages with minimal clearance. This is achieved with the use of a steel Roll-A-Door that is fitted onto a curved track. Lifting vertically, the door rests parallel to the ceiling when open. The mechanics of the B&D Flex-A-Door mean it never protrudes from the garage. This ensures that residential or commercial garage doors can still be fitted in difficult situations like those with low headroom, oddly shaped entries, and more.

The B&D Flex-A-Door also comes with a host of features to enhance security, durability and ease of use. As an iconic brand in the industry, B&D uses innovative design and manufacturing techniques to suit Australian conditions. Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors invites you to further inspect our B&D product information and get in touch with any questions.

Experienced Garage Door Professionals in Brisbane

Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors is a family-run business that first opened in 1983. Over the years we have grown and expanded, becoming a leader in producing quality garage doors and gates in Brisbane. Through experience and the desire to provide quality for our customers, we’ve developed knowledge that ensures you get the solution you’re after. We’re happy to customise garage doors, gates and fences to help keep you and your family safe and secure. We can also ensure the journey towards making your choice is much simpler with the help of our mobile B&D showroom.

Looking for doors to suit smaller garages? Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors has you covered with options like the B&D Flex a Door, tilt garage doors and roller doors Brisbane. Contact us on 07 3888 1577.