Depending on your home and whether your style is modern, contemporary, industrial, traditional or colonial, you may have a roller garage door or a tilt garage door installed in your home. Roller garage doors are common in modern homes as they feature an automated electric operation as they open, rolling up on an electric track; as opposed to the more traditional tilt garage doors, which simply swing outwards upon opening.  

Modern & Contemporary Homes vs Traditional Homes 

Tilt doors consist of one sheet of material (usually metal,) that lifts outwards when you open your garage door, either with an automated system or when manually lifted. These are typically seen in older houses as, in the past, they were a lot easier to install. Even now they may be the right choice for your home, depending on its unique requirements. Roller doors, on the other hand, are more popular for modern homes, as they open straight up on an electric turntable, which saves driveway space and minimises the potential damage from weather or your vehicle.  

The Perks of Tilt Garage Doors

Tilt garage doors may be the more traditional model, but there are reasons why you still see this design in modern homes. Limited head height at the garage opening is common amongst houses in the Brisbane and Bayside area and a tilt door may be the perfect solution! For Queenslander-style homes, as these are oftentimes built on stilts, the garages tend to have limited headroom. Constructed of one single frame, that swings out and up, your tilt door will give you the maximum amount of space in your garage if this is the case. Tilt garage doors can be operated manually with a simple swing action, or they can be fitted with automatic installation; so you can still electronically enjoy the convenience of a remote-controlled garage door.   

We also offer complete customisation of one-sheet doors, allowing you to consider windows or extra design features for the outside of your door. With over 22 Colorbond swatches to choose from and the option of full customisation, you can now match the architectural aesthetic of your property alongside maintaining safety. 

The Perks of Roller Garage Doors 

Exposure to extreme weather such as high winds, tropical storms and hail, is common in the Queensland area, and if your home is constantly exposed to this, then a roller garage door may be a better option for you and your family. Our roller doors are each fitted with a deep cushioning weather seal, developed by B&D, which prevents rainwater and plant debris from falling through the cracks inside, also minimising potential drafts and pests that can creep into your garage or home with an older door design.   

When you want to maximise garage storage, or your home and garage space is towards the larger end of the scale, a roller garage door may be a better option for your home.  

Which Garage Door is Best for You? 

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