Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my garage door need to be serviced?

Periodically the springs on your garage door will need to be adjusted. Failure to re-adjust the springs over time may lead to the door getting jammed and consequently shorten the lifespan of the automatic unit. Just ask our service professionals at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors about our maintenance services. 

When should I have my garage door serviced?

We recommend getting your garage door serviced every 12 months to ensure your door lasts the full extent of its lifecycle.

What’s the difference between a sectional and a panel garage door?

Sectional and panel are common terms for the same type of garage door. These doors are comprised of separate segments. When opened, each hinged section is raised vertically, before coming to rest parallel with the ceiling.

What are the most popular garage door styles?

At Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors, we find our customers tend to prefer the Panelift, Roll-A-Door and Tilt types of garage doors. However, we recommend choosing a garage door that meets the practical needs of your garage space, as well as your preferred aesthetic.

Can you install doors for carports, as well as garages?

Yes, at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors, we can install our range of doors on either a garage or to partially close in a carport.

Why should I care that your business is an accredited B&D dealer?

B&D is Australia’s leading garage door, with a limited number of authorised stockists. As an accredited dealer, Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors can offer you a premium range of products you won’t find easily elsewhere!

How do I know which door type will fit my garage entrance?

A Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors team member will visit your home to assess the type and size of door required. We will explain what options are available for your property and provide a written quote – all completely free of charge!

What warranties do you offer on garage doors?

Each garage door comes with a warranty. This period varies, depending on the type of door installed. However, if you buy a B&D garage door with a motor, you will be eligible for an extended 10 year Confidence Warranty. Our teams notifies customers who are eligible to register online for this upgrade, via text message, then help you attain this warranty.

Do you have any doors suitable for use on an arched garage entryway?

The Flex-A-Door is fitted behind the opening, so it is the ultimate solution for unconventional garages or carports. Panelift, roller, sectional and flex style doors are also suitable options. 

I have a Roll-A-Door installed in my garage, but there’s not enough headroom to install one in my carport. What should I do?

A Flex-A-Door is made from the same steel curtain as the Roll-A-Door, but it doesn’t require much headroom to install. These doors can be installed closely together, and their appearance will match on the outside!

Do you supply garage doors finished with the Luxe Design colour range?

The Luxe Design colour range, listed in some B&D brochures, is gradually being phased out. For this reason, many colours are now no longer available on the market. For this reason, we don’t list the Luxe Design colour samples on our website. However, if you have your heart set on a particular Luxe colour, contact our team and we will do our utmost to obtain this finish for you.  

Do some colours and finishes for garage doors cost more than others?

While the majority of Colorbond finishes available do not incur an additional cost, a select few colours and finishes, such as Timber Coat or Knotwood, do cost a little extra. We have clearly marked these as Premium options on our website, to prevent confusion.

Can I get windows on a Panelift Icon garage door?

A range of window options can be installed on a Panelift Icon garage door. One of 7 window designs, each consisting of 8 panes, can be integrated into either the Statesman or Federation panels on a double door. Alternatively, select one of 7 window designs, each consisting of 4 panes, for a Grange panel single door.

Can I get windows on a Panelift garage door?

A range of window options can be installed on a Panelift garage door. One of 7 window designs, each consisting of 8 panes, can be integrated into the Statesman panel on a double door. Alternatively, select one of 7 window designs, each consisting of 4 panes, for a Grange panel single door.

I like a panel design listed as an option for the Panelift Icon. Can I get this design on the Panelift?

Unfortunately, only a limited number of panel designs are available with the Panelift. If you are seeking a broader range of panel designs for your sectional door, we highly recommend choosing the Panelift Icon for your garage door.

Which garage door comes with an Auto-Lock?

The Auto-Lock comes as a standard feature on the Panelift Icon; however, it is also an optional extra for the original Panelift and Storm-Shield doors.

Can the Auto-Lock be installed on my current garage door?

The Auto-Lock is compatible with many existing B&D doors; however it must be installed with a corresponding B&D Automatic Opener (motor). Contact our team to confirm if your door is suitable for the Auto-Lock.

Why doesn't my garage door open?

Jammed garage doors can be the result of a number of possible conditions.

Here’s a list of potential reasons.

Panel doors – Broken cables, broken springs, broken hinges or motor issues.
Roller doors -Unraveled door, lost tension or broken springs (door replacement required in this instance).
Tilt doors – broken springs.

What happens if the door has broken springs?

It will require 2-3 people to lift the door to get a car out and operating the motor will cause motor damage.

For any of the above faults, call an accredited Brisbane and Bayside Garage Door service technician to discuss or book a service consultation.

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