If your garage isn’t the standard size, or you want something different to match or contrast with your home, a custom made specialty door might just be the correct garage door for you.

B&D Flex-A-Door

At Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors, our specialty garage doors are equipped with the latest technology and safety features, which come as standard or as optional extras, including:

  • Entry keypads for added security
  • Tri-code technology to encrypt your garage door remote signal
  • Auto reverse function when the door collides with a person or object
  • Wireless and wired infrared safety beams that detect obstacles in the door’s path before colliding with them.

Why Choose Us?

Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors is a homegrown, family run business. With almost 40 years of experience servicing Southeast Queensland, we have continued to expand our services and grow into one of Brisbane's most trusted Garage door suppliers. 

Four Mobile Showrooms

Enjoy the convenience of our B&D Mobile Showroom where you can choose your new garage door from your own driveway with expert advice from our experienced team.

Designer Door Range

With a 10 year warranty, our architecturally inspired designer doors bring the wonderfully creative collision of beautiful form and efficient function to garage openings.

B&D Accredited since 2003

Being B&D Accredited, we are experts on  the B&D product range and installation. We work hand-in-hand with B&D to ensure that the installation of our products is done correctly, and safely, the first time! 

Family Owned and Operated

Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors has been family owned and operated since opening in 1983, we have combined 3 local garage door companies to become one of Brisbane's biggest garage door suppliers.

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