Roller Garage Doors

Since 1956, Australian owned B&D Roll-A-Doors have been supplying the residential streetscape with innovative, reliable and functional garage doors. From the development of the original all steel Roll-A-Door, B&D continues to invest heavily in research and development to keep its position as industry leader in the garage door market.

B&D Roller-Door Technology – Innovation That’s Built to Last

Designed with state-of-the-art Brake Press Technology, B&D’s patented manufacturing process stamps a structural pattern such as traditional, squareline or neo into the door to ensure it remains rigid thereby preventing the unsightly sagging suffered by inferior brands.

Each door has been constructed with springs tested to withstand 30,000 open and close cycles. Additionally, Nyofelt running strips have been placed on both sides of the door to ensure smooth, quiet manual or automatic operation.


These roller doors are each fitted with a deep cushioning Weatherseal developed by B&D. This seal prevents rain water and leaves from creeping inside, because even with expert installation the edges of the steel door can’t align perfectly with the often uneven surfaces of the garage floor and walls. The Weatherseal also minimises drafts and pests.

Quality Finishes

Roller doors at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors are available in a range of finishes. Select from 29 Colorbond steel colours from our Colorbond Standard, Colorbond Limited Edition and Colorbond Premium range which are sure to complement the design of your home. Or for a more natural look, choose from six hard-wearing Timber Coat Premium finishes.

B&D Roll-A-Door Neo

The Roll-A-Door Neo is revolutionising the application of garage doors around the country. Years of research and testing have culminated in this brand new design.

The winning formula combines the convenience of a quintessential roller door, with the appearance of our most popular sectional door. The Neo profile features extra wide 180 mm segments, at the same shallow depth seen in the Squareline profile of just 16 mm. The Roll-A-Door Neo is available exclusively as a single, automatic garage door; packaged with a B&D Controll-A-Door Power Drive RDO-1V4 automatic opener, which means you are eligible for B&D’s 10 year Total Confidence Warranty.

Why Choose Us?

Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors is a homegrown, family run business. With almost 40 years of experience servicing Southeast Queensland, we have continued to expand our services and grow into one of Brisbane's most trusted Garage door suppliers. 

Four Mobile Showrooms

Enjoy the convenience of our B&D Mobile Showroom where you can choose your new garage door from your own driveway with expert advice from our experienced team.

Designer Door Range

With a 10 year warranty, our architecturally inspired designer doors bring the wonderfully creative collision of beautiful form and efficient function to garage openings.

B&D Accredited since 2003

Being B&D Accredited, we are experts on  the B&D product range and installation. We work hand-in-hand with B&D to ensure that the installation of our products is done correctly, and safely, the first time! 

Family Owned and Operated

Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors has been family owned and operated since opening in 1983, we have combined 3 local garage door companies to become one of Brisbane's biggest garage door suppliers.

Colorbond Standard



Classic Cream



Evening Haze






Pale Eucalypt

Manor Red




Cottage Green

Deep Ocean


Woodland Grey

Night Sky

Shale Grey

Timber Coat Premium

Golden Oak

Japan Cherry

Macadamia Nutwood

Hickory Nutwood

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