Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors, commonly referred to as panel doors, consist of about five separate segments, which are hinged together. These panels span the full width of your garage entrance, enhancing the aesthetic of any modern home and instantly increasing kerb appeal.

The Benefits of Panels

When opened, the panels are guided upwards along tracks before rounding a corner to rest parallel to the garage ceiling. This means the door doesn’t swing outwards like a tilt door, so it is still fully operational when a car parks immediately in front of, or within the garage. As the door is comprised of individual panels, if one section is damaged that single panel may potentially be replaced, saving the cost of a complete new door.

Sectional Characteristics

The absence of a circular drum in the doorway, like those required for Roller doors, makes a Sectional door the perfect choice for garages with limited headroom, high clearance vehicles, like 4WDs, and short driveways. The Brisbane & Bayside range of sectional doors encompasses the popular B&D Panelift style and the Panelift Icon. The Icon has the same characteristics our customers have come to love in the original Panelift, with a keyless Auto-Lock feature.

B&D Panelift Icon (with Auto Lock)

B&D have enhanced the security features of the Panelift in the Icon model. The garage is the largest doorway in your entire home, so it plays a vital role in the protection of your assets. That’s why B&D developed the Auto-Lock – an indispensable addition to every Panelift Icon.

Auto-Lock Feature

Every time you close the Panelift Icon, with an engaged automatic opener, the Auto-Lock engages in one of two ways. Either it is bolted to a guide that slides above a wheel, which can’t be lifted from the track, or the lock is mounted to the door, with a heavy duty bolt which engages with a bracket mounted to the track. The Auto-Lock more than doubles the force required, at the lock point, to lift the door from its closed position. This prevents thieves from being able to force the door upwards to access your garage. The Auto-Lock even comes with its own 12 month warranty.

Unrivalled Style

The extensive range of panel designs, finishes and window options available with the Panelift Icon lets you personalise your new garage door installation. There are eight different panel designs to choose from in an array of Colorbond steel colours, in a smooth or woodgrain textured finish. Or perhaps the high quality knot wood or hard wearing timber coat finish is more your style. For natural light into your workshop, consider the optional addition of windows. Select one of seven window frame designs consisting of either four or eight window panes.

Superior Performance & Protection

The Panelift Icon is made from corrosion resistant, stainless steel cables for durability and performance. It provides your garage superior protection from the elements with a 360º perimeter Weatherseal to prevent insects and dust from entering. The smooth track and twin wheel system provide quieter operation making the Icon the ultimate ‘do-not-disturb’ garage door.

Panelift Icon Warranty

A 5 year Parts & Labour Warranty on the Panelift Icon garage door gives you absolute peace of mind. Order your Panelift Icon in combination with a Controll-A-Door automatic opener to be eligible for the B&D 10 year Total Confidence Warranty.

B&D Panelift

The primary B&D Panelift remains our most popular sectional door, having raised the standard for strong, safe and reliable garage door operation.

Choose from the Nullarbor, Seville, Statesman or Grange panel designs to reflect the architectural style of your home. Each panel is made from reinforced Colorbond steel which has been tested to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Pinchfree Protection

Every Panelift features a pinch-free finger safe design, on the inside and the outside of the door preventing fingers from getting caught in the mechanism.

Panelift Warranty

The Panelift comes with a 3 year Parts & Labour Warranty. You can extend this to 10 years, with B&D’s Total Confidence Warranty, when you order the Panelift in conjunction with the Controll-A-Door automatic opener.

Why Choose Us?

Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors is a homegrown, family run business. With almost 40 years of experience servicing Southeast Queensland, we have continued to expand our services and grow into one of Brisbane's most trusted Garage door suppliers. 

Four Mobile Showrooms

Enjoy the convenience of our B&D Mobile Showroom where you can choose your new garage door from your own driveway with expert advice from our experienced team.

Designer Door Range

With a 10 year warranty, our architecturally inspired designer doors bring the wonderfully creative collision of beautiful form and efficient function to garage openings.

B&D Accredited since 2003

Being B&D Accredited, we are experts on  the B&D product range and installation. We work hand-in-hand with B&D to ensure that the installation of our products is done correctly, and safely, the first time! 

Family Owned and Operated

Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors has been family owned and operated since opening in 1982, we have combined 3 local garage door companies to become one of Brisbane's biggest garage door suppliers.

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