Automatic gates are a very popular choice for driveways and gardens across Brisbane and greater Queensland as they are an aesthetic, convenient and safe option that prioritises you and your home’s privacy. The ability to customise your outside fencing and gates, allows you to match your existing garage doors and exterior design within your home and outer landscaping, which increases the curb-side appeal and overall property value.  

Fully Automated with the Push of a Button 

The gates that are installed, repaired or replaced with Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, offer full automation options, so you can open your exterior and interior gates with the push of a button. Our automated systems are integrated with a remote control device or a smartphone app, making it super convenient so that you don’t have to get out of the car, saving you from late night jitters and unpleasant weather conditions.  

An Attractive Feature for your Home 

Automatic gates are an attractive feature for your property, that boost overall value and curb appeal, in the event that you sell your home. Driveway gates and garden gates add an extra level of security and peace of mind as well, perfect for those who prefer a touch of luxury alongside the utmost level of privacy for your property, family and assets. You can have our automated gates custom made to match or contrast the exterior colour and theme of your home or garden, in single or double width size.  

Gates for your Garden and your Driveway

Garden gates or pedestrian gates provide access to your garden space from the front, back or side of your property, whether you’re out for a stroll on foot or you’re expecting visitors for a party of function. Here at Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, we stock a range of swinging or sliding garden gates and matching driveway gates that can also be automated. Choose from aluminium, steel or timber aesthetics with an Automatic Technology Australia (ATA) motor that can be operated with your smartphone control kit app, remote control or entry keypad. 

With a smooth sliding function, your automated gates also feature wireless infra-red safety beams that use highly specialise technology to stop the gates from closing, when the beam is broken. This feature adds safety and ensures that your children and pets stay safe.  

Trust Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors with your automated gate system. Learn more about our automated gate systems and installation services online or by calling us on 07 3106 7303.