Here at Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, located in the Brisbane and Bayside areas of Queensland, we offer a vast array of garage door accessories for the convenience, ease of use and security of your Australian home, garage and property (including assets) as a whole. We offer accessories online and through our maintenance and installation services, such as: remote controls, keypads, and smartphone mobile apps, primed for 24/7 monitoring and security. When coupled with adequate lighting and storage, accessories like these can make your garage an extremely versatile and functional addition to your home, whilst maintaining and improving the overall value of your home. 

Australian Professionals in Garage Door Installation 

We offer a complete garage-based property and maintenance service with a qualified team of Aussie professionals and we’d love to hear from you if you’re considering renovation, property purchase, repair or replacement of your garage door. Our services include: automatic garage door installation, automatic garage door opener installation, automatic garage door repair, b&d roller door repairs, electric garage door repairs and installation, electric garage gates, emergency roller door repairs, garage door dent repair and maintenance, new garage door installation and panel lift garage doors installations.  

Remote Controls and Keypads 

An automatic garage door opener is a highly effective way of ensuring that your family, your home and your possessions are kept safe when you’re home and when you’re away. An automatic opener on your garage is geared so that the door cannot be pushed or pulled open from the outside. This means that your garage can only be accessed from the outside, with a code or remote that should always be kept on you. With our team of experts, you can opt to install an automated system including a remote control, or you can install a manual keypad that is accessed with a unique code for entry.  

Mobile Apps for Your Smartphone 

The Smartphone Control Kit App from Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors keeps your home and your family safe from potential intruders, theft and damage. Our smartphone Garage Door Control works with specially designed and integrated Smart Hub technology, allowing you to control and monitor your garage door from work, the grocery store or even whilst on holiday. By ensuring your security remotely with our app, additional security and safety for your garage are achieved, alongside your peace of mind.  

To discuss an automatic garage door installation or to find out more about the products and services that we offer, speak with our specialists via phone or online chat today.