Are you in the middle or renovating or building a new home or business? If you’re building or upgrading your garage, there are amazing new models of garage doors available that will improve your safety, convenience and style. We understand that the multitude of options can be exhausting to filter through, so Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors have created this guide to choosing a garage door.  

The Different Types of Garage Doors 

Installing a garage door isn’t simply about picking whichever one you think looks the best; there are different styles that have been specially designed to suit your space and application. Consider the area you have to work with and the ceiling height before making your decision.  

Roller Garage Doors 

Roller doors are a cost-effective, compact, secure and convenient style of garage door, suiting both traditional and modern homes. If you have a narrow space in which to open your garage, roller doors are a fantastic choice. There’s also the option of motorisation and automation to make life even more convenient. 

One requirement with roller doors is their need for headspace; there must be enough space for the door to roll up to the top of the garage and store itself there when open. Let our team know if you’re interested in roller door installation and we can assess your garage to help you make the right choice. 

Tilt Garage Doors 

Tilt doors consist of one solid piece of material that opens upwards along a hinge. If you have minimal overhead space within your garage, a tilt garage door may be the best option because these doors open outwards. You will need plenty of space on the driveway to open and close the door.  

Tilt garage door opener installation is simple and you can incorporate a motor to make the process automatic, requiring less strain and effort. You can also choose from a wide range of materials and styles to suit your home.  

Sectional Garage Doors 

Sectional doors, also known as ‚Äėpanel lift‚Äô doors, are comprised of several sections hinged together to form the illusion of a solid door when closed. When opened, they move in a curve shape along an overhead track system. Sectional doors look fantastic because they can be matched to the style of your home in a powder-coated finish.¬†

Similar to tilt doors, sectional garage doors are a great option when you have limited overhead space. They can also be motorised and automated for added convenience. 

Additional Factors to Consider 

Modern garage doors come with an endless range of design and functionality options. You can choose designs that blend in with your existing façade or make a statement as a contrasting and stylish feature. There are many materials to choose from, including lightweight aluminium, rustic wood, timber-look steel, and Colorbond steel.  

Motorisation and Automation in Garage Doors  

Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors can help you achieve a stylish, safe and convenient installation with your new garage door. We offer high-quality motorisation and the option of smartphone control technology so you never have to worry about leaving the door open by accident again. 

To discuss your options and find the most cost-effective garage door for your home, don’t hesitate to contact our team on 07 3106 7303 or contact us online.