Light Commercial

Light Commercial Garage Doors

Large doors, up to 5.5m wide and 3m in height are generally considered light commercial or light industrial garage doors. Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors typically install Roll-A-Shutter style doors for these purposes, but can also configure a custom solution for your business. Speak to the team about light commercial design options.

Roll-A-Shutter Doors

B&D Roll-A-Shutter garage doors are the perfect option for high usage doors because individual slats can be substituted if damaged as opposed to entire door replacement. Making them an economical alternative for small businesses. Roll-A-Shutters are generally constructed of zinc however we BBGD can match the colour to your business’s branding.

B&D Roll-A-Shutter 8/50

The Roll-A-Shutter 8/50 is designed for both small and light industrial use, such as kiosks, bars, through to shop trucks and vans.

Roll-A-Shutter 8/50 features

  • Continuous roll curtain made from zinc coated, galvanised steel
  • Slats have a nominal effective pitch of 50mm, with a profile depth of 15mm
  • Choose from a bolt, key, rivers or chain cleat locking mechanisms
  • The helical torsion type drum springs are made from steel wire, with a life span of 20,000 cycles
  • All doors come standard with Weatherseal

Speak to the specialists at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors about ventilation slot options.

B&D Roll-A-Shutter 4/100

The Roll-A-Shutter 4/100 is a highly economical, light industrial door.

Roll-A-Shutter 4/100 features

  • Constructed of high tensile, coated Galvabond steel interlocking slats
  • Shutters has a nominal effective pitch of 100mm and a profile depth of 24mm
  • Springs are designed to sustain 10,000 cycles
  • Choose between a B&D Series 2 Planetary Gearing, manual gearbox, electric drive or grifco hand winder operation
  • Has bolt, to key or chain cleat locking system options
  • Weatherseal protection
  • Slats have a galvanised steel finish, or you can select a Colorbond powder coat finish


Custom Commercial Options

If you have specific needs for your commercial premises, contact Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors to design a custom solution.

Roll-A-Shutter Warranties

Order your light commercial garage door now to receive 1 year warranty.


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