Some property owners require specialty garage doors that offer a customisable solution for extra security and asset protection for your home assets of the business. Some of the most important safety features in the B&D Storm-Shield and Flex-A-Door models include the track-lock and high-wind resistance features, entry keypads with access codes, remote control options, tri-code technology, an auto-reverse function and wireless infrared safety beams.   

Tracklock and High Wind Resistance in the B&D Storm Shield  

The innovative feature behind the success of the Storm-Shield by B&D is the unique Tracklock system. This heavy-duty door system consists of guides and mounting clips that are designed to self-lock each panel during high winds, storms or cyclone events to maximise door strength. These attributes combined equip the Storm-Shield to resist blow in and blow out wind pressures. The Storm-Shield design is remarkable because it is brace-free. This ensures that the door is always operational, yet no manual intervention or supplementary bracing is required in the event of a significant weather event. The Storm-Shield is permanently storm-ready, so you can remain confident that the possessions in your garage or warehouse will be protected if extreme weather strikes. 

Entry Keypads & Tri-Code Technology 

An entry keypad is a great addition for larger families, share houses or rental properties as this technology allows entry into your garage, without the need for remote control. Each individual user can be assigned a different pin, which enables your device to collect data on who exactly has entered the garage and at what time. The house occupants can also allocate various levels of access, allowing a handy one-time entry access code for visitors, family members or somebody house sitting your home while you’re on holiday.   

The garage door is a common access point for burglaries in Australia which is why, due to the latest innovations in tri-code remotes, modern garage door transmitters are fitted with advanced encryption technology to enhance the security of Queensland homes. This will protect residents from code-grabbing devices that can intercept remote control signals.  

Auto-Reverse Function and Wireless Infrared Safety Beams 

There was a wave of injuries and fatalities due to automatic garage doors in the 1990s, that resulted in the current law to have auto-reverse technology, meaning the door will definitely stop in its track and reverse when it meets any resistance or obstruction. This feature is included as a common standard on all sectional, roller and tilt garage doors from Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors as well as wireless and wired infrared safety beams.  

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