When it comes to an expensive piece of moving equipment like a garage door, no homeowner wants to make an unnecessary investment when their problems could be fixed by simple repairs. Let the team at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors help you decide whether you should repair or replace your garage door by reading the article below. 

Consider the Amount of Wear and Tear 

Your garage door is a major investment in your home and it has the ability to greatly improve your street appeal. When the signs of wear and tear begin to show on the door, this can reduce the aesthetic beauty of your home dramatically.  

If there are certain areas of damage and wear, it’s in your best interest to order a replacement panel or two instead of opting for a complete replacement. When most of the panels on your garage door are looking worse for wear, this might be a good sign that you should go for a full replacement as it will probably work out cheaper and it will last longer. 

Consider the age of your garage door. If the door is only 5 or so years old, most wear and tear can be fixed with repairs, whereas a door that is over 10 years old will probably be ready for a replacement. 

Is Your Garage Door Seriously Damaged? 

Unlike wear and tear, damage usually occurs as a result of a sudden incident such as impact from a vehicle or severe weather. Cyclonic winds can have a hugely detrimental effect on the stability of your garage doors. Your homeowner’s insurance could cover a large portion of the cost, so make sure you check with your provider first. 

Garage doors are made up of a complicated system of moving parts, and each one of these parts is important in keeping the door safe, secure and functional. In the event of severe damage, the cost of repairs can outweigh the cost of a complete replacement. Your garage door suppliers will help you make an informed decision in these cases. 

Has Your Door Stopped Working Entirely? 

There are a number of issues that could contribute to a garage door that has stopped operating altogether. If the problem has come on suddenly, the fix will probably be something simple such as a replacement part or a general garage door service. If your garage door has been struggling for a while and it feels like more of a long-term problem, you may need to choose a replacement.  

Regardless of whether you need a brand-new garage door or garage door servicing, the team at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors can help you today. Browse our site to discover our great range of options and get in touch by calling 07 3888 1577 or contacting us online.