Specialty Garage Doors

Having difficulty finding a garage door that meets your specific requirements? Then look no further than Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors! We have speciality doors that are designed to fit garages with very limited headroom and sturdy enough for locations prone to high winds and weather conditions.

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B&D Storm-Shield

The B&D Storm-Shield is a garage door designed specifically for use in regions of Australia where tropical cyclones occur. This wind rated door has been independently tested to ensure it complies with Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 4505:2012).

Innovative Tracklock System

The innovative feature behind the success of the Storm-Shield is the unique Tracklock system. This heavy -duty door system consists of guides and mounted clips that are designed to self-lock each panel during high winds, storms or cyclone events to maximise door strength. These attributes combined equip the Storm-Shield to resist blow in and blow out wind pressures. Furthermore, the doors is constructed of high tensile, galvanised steel making it highly corrosion resistant.


Become Storm Ready

The Storm-Shield design is remarkable because it is brace free. This ensures the door is always operational. Yet no manual intervention, or supplementary bracing is required in the event of a significant weather event! The Storm-Shield is permanently storm-ready, so you can remain confident the possessions in your garage will be protected if extreme weather strikes.

Australian Standards

B&D builds premium quality garage doors with springs that exceed stringent Australian standards. The stainless steel cables and factory fitted hinging system only necessitate minimal maintenance. The Pinchfree panel configuration on both sides of the door keeps the family members’ fingers safe from injury.

Storm-Shield Warranty

Backed by B&D’s 3 year warranty, Storm-Shield customers have complete peace of mind

B&D Flex-A-Door

The B&D Flex-A-Door is ideal for garages or carports with restricted headroom and the perfect replacement for an existing Tilt garage door. Being made of a steel Roll-A-Door curtain, yet fitted on a curved track, the door lifts vertically, then rests parallel to the ceiling when fully retracted. This means a Flex-A-Door can be installed in your low set carport, and will appear to match the nearby Roll-A-Door on your garage!


The track is fitted behind the opening, so the door doesn’t protrude outside the garage or carport at any stage operation, making it the key choice for arched, or unusually shaped entryways. As such, it is also the perfect solution for short driveways, or those already used for parking by another vehicle. Nyofelt running strips with nylon rollers and bearings make opening the door both manually, or automatically, effortless. Plus, the door can be conveniently opened to any height, providing ventilation while maintaining your privacy as you work in the garage. The Flex-A-Door is affixed inside the garage, so it can’t accidently be blown shut by the wind, like a Tilt door, and is difficult to tamper with. This also minimises the draft felt around the sides of the door.

Added Security

The Flex-A-Door features a centre lift lock, which is pick resistant for extra security; located at waist height for ease of use. A Weatherseal provides reduces the gap between the door and uneven floors; and prevents the entry of water or leaves, which is essential for garages used as an additional living space. An optional retractable head infill panel is available with the Flex-A-Door to ensure your door has a neat, external look.

Serious Safety Features

B&D is serious about designing garage doors which meet the safety needs of Australian families. There are no moving brackets or exposed supports, and the extension springs are enclosed above head height, well out of the reach where children’s fingers or arms could become entrapped. These springs also exceed the Australian Standard for garage doors, enduring more than 20,000 open and close cycles.

Flex-A-Door Warranty

Constructed of Colorbond steel, the Flex-A-Door is designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. A 12 month warranty applies to the entire door and parts (excluding salt corrosion).