Automatic garage door motors are specially designed security motors that are geared so that the door cannot be pulled or pushed open from the outside. An automatic garage door opener is a highly effective way of ensuring that your family, home and your highly-valued possessions, are all kept safe around the clock; when you’re home, when you’re out and when you’re away on holiday. By ensuring your garage can only be accessed from the outside with a code or a remote, you ensure your home’s safety when it comes to home intruders and thieves. Contrary to popular belief, a garage motor is actually supplied as a separate component to your garage door, however, at Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, we are happy to incorporate the cost of an automatic garage door opener installation, into your free quote.

Added Security & Peace of Mind

The added security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that no one is able to physically break through your garage door, and it can only be accessed by remote control, gives you the peace of mind that your home, your family, your pets and your personal assets and belongings are safe when you’re not at home. We supply three core B&D garage door automation options here at Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, that operate your garage door remotely and automatically. These are suitable whether you are looking to upgrade your existing, manually-operated door or you’re installing a brand new one for your home or commercial property. While our extensive range of garage doors can be operated manually, upgrading to an automatic option can add convenience and extra security to your day. 

Soft Start and Stop and Tri-Tran+ Controls 

B&D motors feature a soft start and stop, which is achieved by a decreased operation speed that reduces noise and stress to your garage door. Each motor comes with two premium Tri-Tran+ remote controls, as well as a wall-mounted button, so you’re fully set up for a discreet, convenient and easy-to-use installation. The controls virtually eliminate any interference from any other wireless devices, ensuring complete satisfaction with use and when your control is due for a service, an indicator will alert you, so you can always stay on top of your security. 
To discuss an automatic garage door installation or to find out more, visit one of our conveniently located showrooms in Burpengary and Capalaba. Alternatively, you can speak with the team at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Door to book a free measure and quote by calling us on 07 3106 7365 or contacting us online.