Your garage is an area of your home that experiences dramatic changes in temperature, weather extremes, and heat and energy loss. An uninsulated or poorly insulated garage door can create uncomfortable internal living environments, so the team at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors is here to tell you the main benefits of insulating your garage door.

Why Should You Insulate Your Garage Door?

Garage doors are a major access point of most homes, offering curb appeal and convenient entry into your living spaces. Due to the sheer size of the garage door opening, this area can also suffer from extreme heat and energy loss. Without insulation, you may experience drafts and cold rooms throughout your home in winter, and extreme heat and humidity in summer.

You may be wasting money on heating and cooling that is instantly escaping through an uninsulated garage door. You’ll save money, increase your energy efficiency, and enjoy a more comfortable home in every season.

The benefits of insulating your garage door include: 

  • Increased energy efficiency 
  • Quieter operation due to added strength and reduced rattling 
  • Increased door strength, making it resistant to rust, weather damage and break-ins.  
  • A more comfortable garage and home 
  • Create a safer environment for storage 
  • Less noise entering and escaping the garage

Improve the Usability of Your Garage

A warmer garage space means a more comfortable place to get work done. If you use your garage as a workshop, gym, office or spare room, insulation will make all of these activities much more bearable. Additionally, a freezing cold garage can be detrimental to your vehicles and eventually prevent them from starting altogether.

Should You Call a Professional for Garage Door Insulation?

There are many DIY kits available for insulating garage doors, leaving homeowners to think it’s a simple and cheap task to undertake themselves. If you have experience with construction projects, you may be able to complete the job without any problems; however, those who are new to the DIY world might end up with even worse issues.

Some problems that come from poor DIY work include:

  • Misaligned panels that compromise the door’s general operation and safety 
  • Needing to do the job again shortly afterwards because it didn’t work, wasting your time and money 
  • Too much weight is added to the door, making it unsafe and wearing out the springs too quickly

To save yourself the time, money and stress of installing your own insulation, it’s always recommended to hire a professional. The measurements must be accurate to prevent damage to your garage door, which is already an expensive installation.

Upgrade to an Insulated Garage Door Today

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