As the largest and most frequently used door in your home or business, the garage door requires careful maintenance and handling to extend its lifespan. You’ll find a huge range of benefits when you commit to regular garage door servicing. In this article, the team at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors is re-establishing why it’s so important to service your garage doors.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Regular maintenance and garage door servicing will promote a longer product life and keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact. Organising this maintenance will also protect you from inconvenient breakages and expensive bills for repairs and replacements.

Certain parts, such as the springs within your garage door, are under constant strain so they need to be checked to ensure they are still in great condition. It is recommended that home and business owners schedule garage door maintenance every 12 months. Additionally, make sure you call a professional when you notice signs of wear and tear.

Common problems with garage doors include: 

  • Broken or faulty hinges and parts 
  • Broken garage door opener or transmitter 
  • Jammed doors that stop halfway 
  • Work or broken cables, springs, rollers and coils

The Benefits of Garage Door Servicing

Too many homeowners overlook the faithful garage door, even though it is one of the most frequently used doors in the home. They ignore the garage door until something goes wrong, and that can often be too late. Below are some of the benefits of keeping your garage door in good condition.

Update Your Safety Features

As technology advances, new and improved safety features are invented for all aspects of the home – your garage door included. Updating your safety features will protect your family and belongings while also increasing the value of your home.

Improve Your Security

You can relax in the knowledge that your valuables are safe when you stay up to date with your garage door maintenance. If your garage is an access point to the rest of your home, this is even more important because a broken garage door will serve as an entryway for intruders.

Avoid Costly Repairs and Replacements

By inspecting and maintaining your garage door annually, you will allow a professional to look for signs of damage that could result in an expensive repair down the line. Each part of the garage door is connected, so strain in one area can cause damage in another. Garage door servicing will prevent the need for repairs and early replacements, saving you a tonne of money.

Choose Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors for Your Needs

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