Garage doors are one of the largest and heaviest moving parts in your home or business; therefore, they need to be equipped with modern safety features that will protect your belongings and your family. Luckily, advancements in technology are making garage doors safer than ever before.  

In this article, the team at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors are taking a look at the latest safety features designed to protect your garage doors, vehicles, belongings, and family.  

Auto-Reverse Features 

In the 80s and 90s, there was a wave of injuries and fatalities due to automatic garage doors that didn’t stop when they hit an obstruction. Since 1992, it is now the law to have auto-reverse technology, meaning the door will stop and reverse when it meets any resistance.  

New garage doors have sensors that detect when an object or person is in their path. The door then reverses to an open position, keeping your family, pets and belongings safe. This feature is included as standard on all sectional, roller and tilt garage doors from Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors. 

Wireless and Wired Infrared Safety Beams 

The most recent innovation in garage door safety is the infrared beam. Instead of the door needing to make contact with an obstruction, it can now sense it in advance due to two devices fit to the wall on either side of the door’s pathway.  

If the beam of light is broken, the door will stop and reverse to an open position. These infrared beams can be connected by wires, or they can be wireless for additional safety. 

Entry Keypads for Added Security 

An entry keypad is a great addition for larger families, share houses and rental properties. This technology allows entry into the garage without a remote control transmitter. Each user can be assigned a different pin, collecting data on who has entered the garage at what time. You can also allocate various levels of access and usage limits – this is handy when you want to grant one-time entry. 

Tri-Code Technology 

The garage door is a common access point for burglaries in Australia. Due to the latest innovations in tri-code remotes, modern garage door transmitters are fitted with advanced encryption technology. This will protect you from code-grabbing devices that can intercept remote control signals. These high-tech devices are extremely reliable and will give you peace of mind.  

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