Most Australian car owners use their garages to store more than just their cars. In fact, garages are used more as storage than they are as carports. So, if you’re not using your garage as a place for your car, why not turn it into something awesome? With the help of Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, your local experts in garages and garage door accessories, you could be making great use of an under-utilised space. All you need to do is find a place for the stuff you’re storing and clean it out. You’ll then have a fresh canvas to turn the space into one of the amazing ideas listed below.

Home Office

To transform your unused garage into a home office or similar multi-purpose space, ensure that it is insulated and set about choosing the right garage doors. Changing temperatures means it’s imperative you’re protected from heat and cold. Likewise, choosing the right sectional garage doors or tilt garage doors will provide protection and the perfect aesthetic outside and inside.

Home Gym

The choice to turn the space into a home gym is a good one for a few reasons. The first is that you will never have the excuse that you don’t have time to go as it is right there in your home. Secondly, it probably requires a little less renovation as all you need to do before bringing in equipment is to give it a good clean and make sure it’s protected from unwanted grabby hands. Invest in a quality garage door with a heavy-duty Auto-Lock bolt to prevent tampering and opportunistic theft.

Kid’s Playroom

Growing families face challenges in providing a space for kids to be kids. Turning your garage into a playroom is a great way to tackle that problem. Just as you would if turning your garage into a home office, this will require decent insulation and making sure your garage doors are secure. Another consideration is keeping insects and dust out. We recommend the B&D Panelift Icon garage door which comes with Weatherseal for 360-degree perimeter protection.

Yoga Studio

While one of the best ideas for yogis, there are a few considerations to be made to ensure your future Zen. Once again, insulation is important. You may also want to consider hardwood flooring of a neutral tone. Likewise, earthy tones on the walls will create a suitable vibe for a yoga studio. Last but certainly not least, is making sure your garage doors are weatherproof.

Spending all that time to set up your studio only to have it ruined when the unpredictable Queensland weather comes in is not the path to mindfulness. An option that may suit is the B&D Stormshield. As the name suggests, this garage door is built to withstand tropical cyclones and will make sure your peace is undisturbed by outside forces.

Are you looking to transform your unused garage space into something wonderful? Enlist the help of Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors. We are your experts in garage doors and garage door accessories in Brisbane. Call 07 3888 1577 or visit our contact page today.