It can be extremely frustrating when your garage door is having difficulties and you can’t pinpoint where the problem is coming from. At Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors, you can rest assured that our maintenance team has dealt with every possible issue that affects residential and commercial garage doors. Learn the warning signs and simple troubleshooting techniques to fix your garage door.  

Dead Batteries in Your Transmitter Remote 

The easiest way to correct garage doors is to ensure all of the sections are doing their job properly. It may seem like an obvious answer, but the transmitters in your garage door need power and, without power, won’t be able to send the signal to the rest of the system.  To check for this problem, see if the transmitter on the wall still opens your door when you press the button manually. If it does, you may simply need to replace the battery in your car remote. Take this opportunity to replace the batteries in any additional remotes to prevent the problem from happening again. 

Problems with the Photo Eyes 

There are two tiny photo eyes on either side of your garage entrance that use an invisible beam to detect any obstructions in the garage door’s pathway. This is a crucial safety measure to prevent injury and damage to belongings.   If your garage door is opening but not closing, inspect the photo eyes to check for dirt and debris that may be blocking the light beam. Clean the photo eye with a cloth and a mild, streak-free cleaning solution. Take care not to scratch or damage the glass panel of the eye.  If the photo eyes are clean but the door isn’t closing, there’s a chance they are misaligned. They should be pointing at the same angle and in the same direction, so measure the height of each photo eye from the ground and ensure they are lined up perfectly. 

When to Seek Professional Help 

If the metal track on which your garage door runs isn’t aligned properly, opening and closing the door may be causing damage to the working parts. If you can hear a rubbing sound when the door moves over a certain position, there’s a chance the track isn’t aligned. A professional garage door service team will realign the tracks for you safely and efficiently.  Another larger issue could be worn-out springs in the garage door. These springs can only be used a certain number of times before they fall victim to wear and tear, preventing the door from opening smoothly. If you hear a loud bang come from your garage, you may have a broken spring that has now released the weight it was carrying. Broken springs can cause damage to other mechanisms so call a professional to have these replaced immediately. 

Call Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors 

While waiting for your garage door to be fixed, you may be able to switch the opening mechanism over to manual temporarily. This way you can still carefully get in and out of your garage.   When you notice problems with your garage doors, call Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors for automatic garage door repair. You can contact us on 07 3106 7303 or contact us online.