The B&D Storm-Shield is a garage door that is designed specifically for homes within the regions of Australia where tropical cyclones and extreme storm-weather conditions occur. This wind-rated garage door that is stocked by Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, has been independently tested to ensure that it complies with Australian and New Zealand standards. We provide expert installations of this speciality garage door by experienced professionals, for domestic, residential homes and commercial properties. 

Independently Tested to Ensure Protection

This wind-rated door that prioritises security for your garage, is independently tested to ensure it can protect your residential or commercial property, during a storm. Furthermore, the doors are constructed of high tensile, galvanised steel, making them highly corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. The Storm-Shield design is remarkable because it is brace-free. This ensures the door is always operational, yet no manual intervention, or supplementary bracing is required in the event of a significant weather event. The Storm-Shield is permanently storm-ready, so you can remain confident that the possessions in your garage will be protected if extreme weather strikes.  

Tracklock System Offers Premium Security Against High-Risk Weather 

The innovative Tracklock system that is within the B&D Storm-Shield, self-locks in a storm. This maximises door strength and ensures the safety of your vehicles, home and assets against harsh weather. The heavy-duty door system consists of guides and mounted clips, that are designed to self-lock each individual panel, during high winds, storms or cyclone events. These doors are the clear choice for those who reside in high-risk areas of Queensland and will be installed and explained by certified B&D technicians from within Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors. 

Built to Australian and New Zealand Standards 

Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors are the leading suppliers of premium quality garage doors that exceed the rigorous standards set within Australia and New Zealand, that the industry has put in place. The pinch-free panel configuration on both sides of the door keeps family members safe from injury. Backed by B&D’s three-year warranty, Storm-Shield customers also have complete peace of mind, as well as their freshly installed security.  

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