Sectional garage doors are extremely popular with Queensland based homeowners who prioritise their contemporary home’s safety and durability as well as overall aesthetic style. A sectional garage door can be replaced, repaired or installed with Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, with extremely competitive prices and in a huge range of Colorbond colours, materials and styles. Give Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors a call today and we’ll talk you through the options for your property, to increase the safety, aesthetic, and overall value of your new or renovated home.    

Contemporary Style is Maintained with Sectional Garage Doors 

Sectional garage doors, also known as panel doors, are usually made up of five separate segments that are hinged together. These panels can span the full width of your garage entrance, which enhances the contemporary aesthetic of your home by matching the colour and style in an easy, even and long-lasting way. Any modern home will instantly increase its kerb appeal and overall value, with the vast array of colour options by Colorbond and the extensive range of panel designs, finishes and window options that are available with Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors.  

Superior Durability and Safety  

Sectional garage doors also provide your garage superior protection from the elements, with a 360º perimeter weather seal that prevents insects, stray leaves and dust from entering. The superior durability of the highest quality materials, expert installation and modern designs allow you to save time and money in repair, as well as stay current in the market. 

The high-tech track system of a sectional door also ensures that the door does not swing out and open, like a traditional tilt door does, allowing you to open your garage door with ease, even when there is a car parked right in front.  

Sectional Doors can Increase Home Value 

As well as the superior modern style and ease in which the sectional garage doors can fit within a contemporary style house, there are other perks that increase your home’s value too, upon installation. An example of this and a key feature of sectional garage doors from Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors, is the Auto-Lock installation. More than doubled the force required is established upon locking your door, preventing thieves from accessing your garage. With its own 12 month warranty and promise of superior safety, your new sectional garage door with an Auto-Lock will transform your home. Not only will your property be an aesthetic stand-out, but it will also be impenetrable to any potential security risks.   

When you call Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors, for your replacement garage door, new sectional garage door or your garage door repairs, you’ll be looked after by professionals.