Automatic Garage Door Motors

Automatic garage doors are all operated by a motor. Whether you refer to this as your opener, transmitter, handset, remote, control, or even clicky thing; every manual garage door can be converted to open and close automatically. Contrary to popular belief, a garage motor is actually a separate component to your garage door. However, at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors, we are happy to incorporate the cost of the appropriate motor into your free quote.

B&D Automatic Garage Openers

We stock three core B&D garage door automation options to complement your garage door, whether you are looking to upgrade your existing manually operated door, or installing a brand new one. While our extensive range of garage doors can be operated manually, upgrading to an automatic can transform your garage door experience and the way you access your property! Many of our customers actually use their remote controls to enter and leave the house – even when they aren’t in the car – so they don’t have to lock up the house with a key! Protect the car and your precious possessions with an automatic garage motor.

Automation Range Features

B&D motors feature a soft start and stop, which is achieved by a decreased operation speed and therefore reduces noise and stress on the door. Each motor comes with two premium Tri-Tran+ remote controls, as well as a wall mounted button. The controls virtually eliminate interference from any other wireless devices. You’ll be alerted by a service indicator when your control is due for a service. Plus, with low standby power, your opener won’t drain power excessively. The openers are also compatible with the B&D Smart Phone Control Kit. The motors are all eligible for a 7 year, 20,000 open and close cycle warranty.

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