Tilt Garage Doors

A Tilt door is a the perfect solution for Queenslander style homes, as these homes built on stilts tend to have garages or carports with limited headroom and sideroom. A Tilt door is constructed of a single frame, which swings out then up; so the door partially extends beyond the garage when open.

Bespoke Tilt Door Solutions

When closed, Tilt doors sit flush with the entryway, as opposed to behind or above the garage opening like roller doors; ensuring a neat frontage. Tilt doors are suitable for single and double garages. Tilt doors can be operated manually with a simple swing action, or automated with a motor.

Complete Customisation

A typical Tilt door is made of steel sheeting, in a K Panel profile; available in 22 standard Colorbond colour swatches. However, you also have the option of fully customising the one piece insert, to match the architectural aesthetic of the property. So if you love the look of a modern sectional door like the B&D Panelift, or Designer wooden cladding; simply contact Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors to obtain a free measure and quote!


Our Tilt doors are built to last with zinc plated fittings which are resistant to corrosion, in addition to a strengthened bearing design for maximum durability. The springs are developed for optimum performance, with a restraint which ensures movement is contained, so the spring can’t separate from the fitting. A robust anti-sway bracket has been incorporated into the Tilt design to limit the degree of lateral movement.

Jamb Versus Track Fittings

Tilt doors can be installed utilising either a Jamb Type fitting or Track Type hardware. The Jamb style fitting causes the door to project outside the garage, once open. This essentially forms a shade canopy which is great when unloading the shopping from the car boot. Plus, the ceiling can still be practically used for overhead storage or internal clothes lines. Jamb fittings can fit into as little as 25mm of headroom above the doorway.

Alternatively, Track Type fixtures cause the door to retract within the garage, when open. This option is recommended for heavier doors, like those with timber cladding. Track fittings require 50mm of headroom above the doorway. Track fittings are sealed along the door jambs to reduces the entry of dust and insects.

Contact the specialists at Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors to determine the most appropriate fitting for your Tilt garage door.

Tilt Garage Door Warranty

The Tilt garage doors installed by Brisbane & Bayside Garage Doors come with a 12 month warranty on the door and parts. Warranties are subject to regular maintenance services by a qualified technician at least every 12 months. This warranty excludes salt corrosion or damage due to environmental conditions.

Colour Selection

Colorbond Standard

  • Dune

  • Surfmist

  • Classic Cream

  • Terrain

  • Gully

  • Evening Haze

  • Shaley Grey

  • Paperbark

  • Mangrove

  • Wallaby

  • Cove

  • Windspray

  • Pale Eucalypt

  • Manor Red

  • Basalt

  • Jasper

  • Monument

  • Cottage Green

  • Deep Ocean

  • Ironstone

  • Woodland Grey

  • Night Sky